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FUltrasonic generator
Source:SHANDONG LASER SOURCE    Release time:2020-05-07
20K,15K Full set Ultrasonic for Mask Making Machine


[Function Description]

Shandong Lasre Source ultrasonic welding equipment is composed of intelligent ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic transducer.The ultrasonic generator converts the low frequency alternating current into the high frequency alternating current, and converts the electric energy into the mechanical energy of the high frequency vibration through the transducer.The welding head generates tens of thousands of high-frequency vibrations per second when it is applied to the contact surface of thermoplastics.

The high frequency vibration transmits ultrasonic energy to the welding area through the upper welding piece, which causes local high temperature due to the friction between the upper and lower welding pieces.After the ultrasonic action, the pressure lasts for several seconds, making it solidify and set, forming a strong molecular chain, to achieve welding.

[Product Features]
1. Automaticlly searching frequency and matching transducer
2. Power feedback and super welding quality
3. Adjustable energy and more adaptable in welding
4. Precision AF ptimize transducer efficiency
5. Adapt to continuous welding and intermittent welding
6. With touch LCD .Regulating system parameters.Feedback in time
7. Continuous welding and discontinuity welding. Discontinuity welding divided into single and continuous model. Welding time and keeping- voltage time are configurable.
8. Easy to integrate into the automated production line
9. Produced by national high-tech enterprise which is a listed company
10. Best assurance in quality and service



Ultrasonic generator and transducer is used for Melt-blown fabric and nonwoven face mask cutting and welding mask machine.

15K Ultrasonic generator and transducer is used for Melt-blown fabric and nonwoven welding fabric N95/KN95 mask welding machine.

[Technical Parameter]
Model ULT2000C-20K     ULT2000P-20K   ULT3000C-15K   ULT3000P-15K 
Working mode Continuous Discontinuity Continuous Discontinuity
Discontinuity                      welding setting up           ------ Single/continuous
             ------ Single/continuous
Input voltage range 220V±10%
Maximum output power of the whole machine ≥2000W ≥3000W
Output frequency 20KHz 15KHz
Automatic frequency tracking accuracy ±1HZ
Adaptation ultrasonic transducer 20KHz 2000W 15KHz 3000W
Applicable mask type Plane type&N95 N95
Cooling mode Air cooling
Working environment temperature -20° C - 45° C
Volume L×H×D=282(mm)*101(mm)*295(mm)
Weight 5KG

[Size Drawing]
20K,Ultrasonic generator,Transducer,Horn110*20mm , flange size(unit: mm)
15KHz3000W  Ultrasonic transducer,Transducer,Horn,flange size(unit:mm)

[Face Maks Sample]

[LASERPWR Worshop]

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