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6401 YAG Q-switch laser, replacement for 7 joint articulated arm laser
Source:SHANDONG LASER SOURCE    Release time:2019-09-27

Mini handheld YAG Q-switch laser 
Replacement for 7 joint articulated arm laser




1. 6401 handheld YAG Q-switch laser is specially designed for medical beauty laser therapy equipment, it’s a mini size and precise Q-switch laser, adopting voltage-decreased Q-switch technology, with features including small size, light weight, easy operation, easy to carry, plug and play. The weight of this laser is only 380g.
2. It adopts Φ6mm industrial laser rod, specially designed optic parts, industrial ceramic cavity, high speed Q switch drive source etc, and has Q-switch power supply and counter, those above making its performance much better than traditional 7-joint articulated arm laser. Super narrow pulse and suitable output energy can guarantee the strongest pulse power. And static light leakage is strictly controlled, which guarantees good clinical effect.
3. This laser can connect with different kinds of laser therapy equipments, only need connect xenon lamp and cooling water with main equipment, then adjust voltage of xenon lamp power supply to make sure static light leakage is not beyond standard, no need other adjustments. After sale service and replacement for articulated arm laser are very convenient.
4. Equipped with Laser power supply meeting international standard and medical standard. And homogeneous tail mirror resonant cavity is optional (6401A YAG Q-switch single-pole laser).
5. If more powerful energy is needed, please choose double-pole laser(6402 YAG Q-switch laser).


Ø Portable design, super small size(30*4*16cm), 380g weight only, easy for transport and installation, much more convenient than traditional 7-joint articulated arm laser.
Ø 360mJ output energy, high stability when repeating output.
Ø Super narrow pulse 3.9ns, good blasting effect and high peak power.
Ø Homogeneous tail mirror resonant cavity (optional) can output REAL honeycomb spot.
Ø Free-installation, plug and play, no need adjusting laser for user, no need on-site installation, solving the problem for articulated laser that supplier must arrange technician do on-site installation, suitable for export.
Ø Stable waveform and homogeneous spot when long time working.
Ø Less heat dissipation, less damage for skin, better clinical effect.
Ø Light leakage is controller within 5% only, high energy use ratio.
Ø Unique handle design, easy to hold and operate, two holding ways are optional.
Ø 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths can be switched by mirror, very easy.
Ø Work under high water temperature, reduce heat dissipation requirement, normal heat exchanger and fan can meet the demand, saving whole equipment cost.
Ø Single pulse working mode, better effect and less skin damage than multi pulse in market.

[Specifications](REAL and MEASURABLE)



Output wavelength


Max output energy

1064nm: 330mJ±10%, 532nm: 150mJ±10%    

Pulse width

3.9ns±5% (when max output energy)

Light leakage

5% (when max output energy)



Working voltage


Working quota

Continuous working, interval load(10min cycle)

Recycling water temperature


Recycling flow

< 0.5l/min·Hz

Spot size

Φ1-4 mm




Specifications comparison


6401 handheld YAG Q-switch laser

Articulated arm laser


Super small

Very big

Pulse width

Minimum 3.9ns


Light leakage




REAL 360mJ

Nominal 600mJ but real less than 300mJ


Stable wavelength and good spot

Unstable wavelength, bad spot


Two holding ways, light weight, easy for precise operation, big action radius

Heavy, difficult for precise operation, small action radius


Free-installation, plug and play

Need on-site installation



> 7kg


Suitable for both domestic and foreign market

Only domestic market because of difficult transport and installation

Cooling mode

Water cooling

Compressor cooling


Spot effect comparison

Fig 1 good spot and blasting effect           Fig 2 bad spot                            Real honeycomb spot

Wavelength comparison
Fig 3 stable pulse and peak power                               Fig 4 unstable pulse and peak power

     Fig 5 6401 handheld Q-switch laser 3.900ns wavelength
  Volume size comparison

           Fig 6 the green one is our 6401 Q-switch laser, super small size

Operation ways



[User guidance]

1.In order to guarantee the output of super narrow pulse user should choose constant temperature recycling water equipment and naked copper or aluminium are prohibited to touch recycling water. Self closing quick connecting plug is not suggested to use, in case it affects water flow and increase the water leaking risk. Make sure the quality of recycling water, only use deionized water like distilled water etc. Control biological contamination and change water regularly to make it clean.
2.If the recycling water can be guaranteed, 6401 Q-switch laser can output 3ns level pulse which is much narrower than big articulated arm laser. The q-switch power supply is powered by wide voltage net power supply, no relation with controller. It can be connected with kinds of laser therapy equipments like negative Q-switch laser. only need connect xenon lamp and cooling water with main equipment, then adjust voltage of xenon lamp power supply to make sure static light leakage is not beyond standard, no need other adjustments.
3.Set max frequency according to real water flow. Make sure it works safely.
4.Adjust stored capacitor voltage under given max working voltage, support low energy output.
5.If specially designing discharging controller, it is suggested that the control end of crystal voltage power supply need be short circuited by photoelectric coupler 6-8ms before discharging of xenon lamp, then give voltage to Q-switch  and make it work safely.
6.When newly designing equipment structure we suggest you leave space for power supply and heat dissipation of double pole laser, one equipment can fit single or double pole laser; the xenon lamp power supply meeting international standard and medical standard is recommended.
7.To make sure clinical safety and laser safety, this laser does not support multipulse output for commercial purpose, does not support long pulse discharging of more than 100μF stored capacitor, to avoid clinical injury which multipulse and light leakage may cause. If big power output is needed, please choose double pole laser with narrower pulse (6402 Q-switch laser).
8.If uniform distribution of power density in the spot is needed, please choose 6401A Q-switch laser, it’s not “micro lens” or “honeycomb head”, it uses homogeneous tail mirror as resonant cavity, it outputs top hat spot instead of Gauss spot with grid, the spot is tortoiseshell pattern after zoom in. The usage depends on clinical requirements.
9. When 532nm green light is needed please install frequency multiplier at the position of laser output, positioning connection makes the 3-dimension of multiplier coincide with light axis of laser,  repeated positioning accuracy is better than that of articulated laser, higher efficiency. The green aim head in the front end has optical filter which can absorb 1064nm light and guarantee the clinical effect of red and brown pigment. But the green aim head must not be used for 1064nm  laser aiming separately, in case it’s broken up by 1064nm laser.

[Dimension] unit:mm

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