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Single lamp active Q switch laser power system
Source:SHANDONG LASER SOURCE    Release time:2019-09-27

Single lamp active Q switch laser power system

Single lamp active Q-switch picosecond laser power system
Model: QAM500PS-1
1.   Multi-function integration and integrated design: control system + 10” serial port screen + big power Laser power supply + Q-switch drive module + cooling system(water temperature detecting and control) + aiming beam adjustment + water pump control + water flow control + power(pulse energy) automatic calibration + wavelength conversion + spot size detecting display + WIFI(optional).
2.   Powerful software: human-computer interaction interface(can be customized) + background parameter setting + multi pulse modes output(long pulse, Q-switch, PTP,etc) + power calibration and storage + multi-languages + online upgrade + remote management.
3.   Free upgrade of medical cosmetic new technology and new function.
4.   Big power Laser power supply professional design, voltage adjustment 0-1000V, double ways voltages can be adjusted independently when double output.
5.   Big power Laser power supply professional design, output energy more powerful, high frequency.
6.   Q-switch driving schedule is adjustable, high voltage pulse edge is less than 10ns.
7.   Water temperature detecting and control of cooling system, tolerance is less than 0.5degree.
8.   Intelligent water pump control, extending the lifetime of pump remarkably.
9.   Integrated design, cancel temperature controller, time relay and contractor, failure rate is much reduced.
10.  Meet the design standards of medical electrical equipments YY0505-2012 and IEC60601-1-2.

Input voltage

AC220±15%, 47-63HZ

Output voltage


Leakage current


Output power


External capacitor capacity


Touch screen size

8” and 10” optional

Auxiliary power supply

12V1 12V2 12V3

Average life

30000 hours

Cooling model

Forced air cooling


Overload, overvoltage, overcurrent protection

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