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CO2 fractional laser power supply LME5C-S
Source:SHANDONG LASER SOURCE    Release time:2019-09-27

Fractional Scanning laser power system

CO2 fractional laser power supply LME5C-S


[Proct Instruction]
1.Multi-function integration, integrated patented design: Fractional Scanning laser power source, Auxiliary power supply for scanning galvanometer, Air supply and control, Water pump control, Water flow switch, Power automatic calibration, Control system serial interface etc., and optional Wifi, whole unit control system and Galvanometer system function
2.Powerful supporting software: Human-computer interactive operation screen(can be customized), Backstage parameter settings, Power source calibration and storage, Laser power calibration sensor input interface (analog or serial), Multi-language support, Online program upgrades, Remote management equipment
3.Medical beauty new technology, new features unlimited free upgrade
4.Good Modulation frequency, laser power stability, Dot Matrix energy stability, more suitable for Dot Matrix scanning
5.Laser power segmented display, automatic calibration storage function
6.Air source, water pump control greatly enhance the source and pump life, reduce noise
7.With open circuit protection, to ensure safety; comes with detection button, simplify fault judgment
8.Small size, light weight, easy to install
9.The power supply is in accordance with the standard design of medical equipment YY0505-2012, IEC 60601-1-2


Input Voltage


Laser Power

10-60W(Can drive)

Max. Input power


Max. Input current


Auxiliary power±15V

(15V2A, -15V 0.5A, 5V2A)

Auxiliary power±24V

(24V3A, -24V0.5A)

[Installation Dimensions]
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