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Power Supply Manitenance
Source:SHANDONG LASER SOURCE    Release time:2019-10-12

1, Before maintenance, check the power supply shell is normal grounding;
2, measuring power box shell on the work station or whether there is a voltage difference between the workbench
3, power box with high pressure on many places, after power on, hand can't touch the metal parts of the device
4, Before replace the power box inside device ,turn off the power supply of the energy storage capacitor shall be discharged completely and voltage profile after confirm no voltage for the next step of replacement or repair measures
5, if the laser machine works unstable, or fall of work, can check circuit screw, terminal blocks, such as whether is loose, wiring the phenomenon such as oxidation.the old power supply or the power supply works under poor environment ,pay more attention on formation condition.
6 ,when maintenance,don’t tear down the internal cable tie and connecting wire, control panel, or cut disorderly change, is likely to cause the whole machine interference or performance degradation, and even cause scrap.

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