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Laser tube matters when using
Source:SHANDONG LASER SOURCE    Release time:2019-10-12

First. turn on the cooling water,use low in and high out way,adjust the position of the output water pipe, guarantee cooling water fill full of the laser pipe, laser tube can not have bubbles,then turn on the laser machine.
Requirements: cooling water using soft water (distilled water or pure water), and pay attention to the temperature , the cooling water temperature should be controlled in
25℃- 30℃, the temperature could not be too high or too low, especially in the summer,Once found that the water temperature is too high,Cooling water should be replaced in timely or stop the laser machine to rest for some time:
Cooling water should not be frozen in cold area. In order to avoid water ice lead to crack. The cooling water couldn’t be storage in the laser tube especially after turn off the laser machine.(pay special attention to:Users of alternating current (ac), the cooling water tank must be grounded);

Second, the two supporting points of laser tube is in the total length of laser tube
A quarter point, to ensure that the cooling water flow 2-4L/Minutes;
Otherwise the result is bad,Cause moding,Flare is a few points to lower power;
Cooling water nozzle in the tank must be covered by water, otherwise it will cause the cooling water couldn’t fill full of the laser tube when turn on/off the machine.   

Third, protect the laser output port, avoid in the process of the work
(including debugging in the process of the optical path) smoke splash
Shot to the output port surface,To prevent the output port surface contamination,
Power reduced.At this moment can dip in with cotton wool or silk
Water alcohol wipe gently output port out surface;

Four, in the process of debugging,adjusting the laser point or rotating laser orientation, to achieve the best output effect,then fixed the laser tube.
Five,Avoid accumulation of dust near high voltage electrode, keep dry, stay the laser tube HV side away from metal as far as possible,In case of high voltage spark discharge.
Six, in laser tube use process, it can't have a scale inside, avoid to cause cooling water blockage, poor cooling effect.Once found, it is available  to use 20% dilute hydrochloric acid, cleaning the laser pipe, remove scale.
Seven, laser tube is glass fragile products, when install and use, to avoid the local stress.
Eight, rational application of laser tube, saving laser energy, the best working current of the laser tube  is16Ma.

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