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Big power fiber semi-conductor laser power system
Source:SHANDONG LASER SOURCE    Release time:2019-09-27
Big power fiber semi-conductor laser power system


1. Multiple and multi-parameter abnormal chain protection ensures laser safety: multiple current hardware and software over-current protection, multiple temperature control, water flow, PD detection and other abnormal alarms, chain protection.
2. Multiple Chinese and foreign computer control to ensure stable operation of each subsystem.
3, the software function is complete, the interface is friendly, sets up the parameter many, realizes the fine adjustment to the laser, causes it to exert the maximum efficiency. The operating parameters can be stored, the operating logs can be stored, and the fault information can store statistical output.
4. Various operating modes: external analog control operation, software debugging, computer background running, remote network control operation.
5. The output current of the power supply is stable, the ripple is small, the ramp up is slow, and there is no overshoot recoil. Waveform can be square wave, trapezoidal wave, triangle wave, continuous wave can be set.
6, the whole integrated temperature control system, effective control of the laser, Laser power supply operating temperature.

Product parameters

Input voltage

AC340V-420V, 50/60HZ, 3 phase 3 wire

Output specifications

5 cases, each case has 2-7 lines semi-conductor drive power supply

1st line: 20-50V 13A constant current 0-13A adjustable

2nd-7th line: 110V-160V 13A constant current, 0-13A adjustable

5 lines adjustable power indicating light

Current quality

Current ripple ±0.5%, current stability ±0.5%

Output slow rise and slow decline



Current,temperature,PD,water pressure abnormal chain protection, several current hardware and software protection

Input testing value

15 lines temperature testing, 5 lines humidity testing, 10 lines PD testing, 5 lines water pressure testing, 1 line 0-10V analog, 1 line PWM input

Output value

4 lines middle relay output, 21 lines optocoupler output, 5 lines fault protection relay output

Whole machine output electric power

60KW when 5 cases full equipped

Whole machine efficiency



Control mode:communication method(LAN,Ethernet), analog control(switch value+0-10V signal).

Control software: main control, test, background debug, local run, running parameters setting and storage, log record,etc.

Communication terminal

RS232, RS485,RS145,network port


Working -25~60℃, storage temperature -40~85℃


Meet the standards of relative industry




Water cooling

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