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Medical semiconductor power supply series
Source:SHANDONG LASER SOURCE    Release time:2020-09-15

Medical semiconductor power supply
1Product Features:
  • Various outputs and detections: including LD constant current drive, indicator light constant current drive, TEC refrigeration drive ; temperature detection, PD check function.
  • Excellent alternating working characteristics: LD drive can work alternately with 2-4 channels, and the indicator light can also be switched with 2-4 channels. One power supply can realize four power supply functions.
  • Multiple working modes are available: continuous, pulse, and alternating work. Pulse frequency and duty cycle can be set.
  • Excellent output current characteristics: the current rises and falls slowly, zero overshoot, zero kickback, low ripple and low noise.
  • Multiple protection methods: multiple protections such as software and hardware overcurrent, overheating, overvoltage, undervoltage, and antistatic protection to ensure safe operation;
  • Using the latest soft-switch resonant circuit conversion technology, which has high reliability and the highest efficiency of the power supply can reach 93%;
  • The product has a PFC function and is suitable for the global input voltage range AC90-264V;
  • Multiple control methods: the power supply has serial port communication (communication with the host computer for control) or local control (switching and analog control); the serial port is connected to the host computer to set output parameters; the serial port is connected to display and monitor output parameters.
  • Comply with electromagnetic compatibility standards YY0505-2012 or IEC60601-1-2 for medical electrical equipment.
2Application Area
Medical semiconductor laser supporting power supply, hemangioma laser treatment instrument, semiconductor laser treatment instrument.
3Product Parameters
Mode HLD0154-D LPD2400-100A LPD100-S8
Input voltage AC90-264V AC180-264V
Frequency Range 47-63Hz
AC current Maximum 8.8A/AC90V  25A/AC180V
Leakage current <0.4mA/250VAC
Output voltage LD main output:2--18V Indicating light 2.5V TEC voltage:12V Auxiliary power:5V 5-24 V 0-8V
Rated current 13A 60mA 12A 0.5A 100 A 13A
Current Range 0-13A 0-60mA 0-12A 0-0.5A 0-100 A 0-13A
Working mode Continuous, pulse, alternating Continuous, pulse, alternating ---- ---- Continuous, pulse Continuous, pulse
Pulse frequency(Hz) 0-50 0-50 ---- ---- 0-50 0-50
Maximum duty cycle 0-100% 0-100% ---- ---- 0-40% 0-100%
Maximum number of alternations 4 4 ---- ---- ---- ----
effectiveness >80% >90% >80%
Comprehensive adjustment rate current:≦±0.2% current:≦±0.2% voltage:≦±1% voltage:≦±1% current<±1% current<±1%
Ripple and noise current:≦±0.5%Io current:≦±0.5%Io voltage:≦±0.5%Vo voltage:≦±0.5%Vo current:≦±1%Io current:≦±1%Io
Rise Time current:≧30mS current:≧30mS voltage:≦1mS voltage:≦1mS ≤2 ms ≤2 ms
Fall time current:≧30mS current:≧30mS None None ≤2 ms ≤2 ms
Machine overload protection 105% -150% of rated output power, protection mode: constant current limit,        automatic recovery when the load is removed
Overcurrent protection 14A 80mA 14A 1A   14A
Protection mode: hardware protection, turn off the output current, recover after restart
Over temperature protection Turn off the output voltage and automatically      recover when the temperature is normal.   None
Environment -20~+65℃ 20-90%RH,Non-condensing -40~+85℃10-95%RH,Non-condensing
Comply with Medical electrical equipment YY0505-2012 or IEC60601-1-2
Cooling Forced air cooling  Cooling naturely
weight (Kg) 1.9 2.5 0.5
Size(mm) 221*172*81 296*152*72 174*102*50


4Installation and case size chart

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