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DY series Laser Power Supply
Source:SHANDONG LASER SOURCE    Release time:2019-10-12

HY-DY13 power supply for 100w Co2 <a href=http://hylaserpwr.en.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.wholesale.cordpanyb.2.27536a67RFMRRv target=_blank class=infotextkey>Laser tube</a>

DY series laser powre supply

Ø flat structure, light weight design, a whole aluminum casing design of flat structure, light weight 30% than conventional power.
Ø cutting and carving compatible: power is stable, strong adaptability, fast response speed, suitable for cutting or engraving;
Ø control is simple, high reliability, high and low level control laser rod, stop;
Ø laser power control is simple: either use 0 to 5 v analog signal control laser power, also can use 5 v PWM signal control.
Ø Own open circuit protection function: more secure, and significantly prolong the life of the power supply;
Ø power with manual TEST button, can quickly judge fault at the scene, easy to maintain;
Ø with status indicator lamp, convenient and troubleshooting.
ØTwo types of installation, both horizontal and vertical can be installed to save space


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Connection Diagram
1. HY-DY13 and Co2 Laser tube Connection diagram

2. HY-DY13 power supply and control board Connection diagram
1.Recommended connection: High-level light control

2. Recommended connection: Low-level light control

Installation Dimension


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